Mosquito Control

Stop Mosquitoes Breeding in Water
Kills Mosquito Pupae and larvae in Water
Easy to apply

Treat mosquitoes at the source

Aquatain AMF prevents mosquitoes from breeding and kills existing pupae and larvae so you can enjoy an evening outside without the bzzz.

Aquatain AMF only needs to be applied once a month to keep your home free from mosquitoes! It is best applied to still or stagnant water bodies such as water tanks, pot plants, guttering, drains, ponds or dams.


How Does Aquatain AMF Work?

Aquatain AMF forms a thin, silicone layer on the surface of still water. This layer changes the surface tension ever so slightly that only mosquitoes can notice a difference. This change in surface tension deters female mosquitoes from laying her eggs, stopping their breeding cycle before it begins.

Mosquitoes already abundant? 

Aquatain AMF also prevents mosquito larvae from breaching the water’s surface by creating a thin barrier that the larvae’s ‘snorkel’ (breathing apparatus) is unable to penetrate. The best news of all, this barrier ONLY prevents mosquito larvae from penetrating. All other wildlife can safely pass through this barrier!