Alge Master™

Targets aquatic debris and excess nutrients such as phosphorus

Alge Master™ for Ponds and Dams

Alge Master™ by Aquatic Technologies is the complete solution to treating aquatic debris and preventing it from returning by removing excess nutrients
  • Safe to use where fish are present
  • Does not harm aquatic plants or wildlife
  • Can be used in livestock drinking water
  • Acts as a flocculant, clearing your water of excess particles
  • Removes excess phosphorus that drives algae reproduction
  • Noticeable improvements in as little as 24 hours
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Treats Toxic and Non-Toxic Green Aquatic Matter

Alge Master™ Works For:
Livestock Water
Fish Ponds
Water Features

Alge Master™

Coagulates suspended particles AND removes excess phosphorous? It's a no brainer! Alge Master is the 2-in-1 solution you've been searching for.

How it works

Alge Master works by coating the suspended particles and dragging it out of its photosynthetic range where it will be starved of light and broken down. Not only does Alge Master targets suspended particles such as clay, silt and phosphorus leaving your water crystal clear and preventing future problems.

Method of application

Once diluted, Alge Master can be applied directly from a bucket, watering can, knapsack sprayer, horticulture sprayer, firefighter pump sprayed from the bank, or from boats.

How much do you need?

The product and amount required will depend on the size and type of body of water being treated. Use the calculator below to work out exactly how much you need.

Tanks & Troughs

Algae Master Size (L) Surface Area Treated (m²)
1L 10m2
2L 20m2
5L 50m2
15L 150m2