Medium Aeration Fountains (2HP)

Increases oxygen in water
Keeps water clearer
Promotes good fish health
Reduces likelihood of algal blooms
Improves health of water body
Beautiful display

Our 2HP Fountains are available in 7 different spray patterns

Each 2 HP Fountain comes including: lockable control panel with built in light circuit and twin motor and light timers, fountain float and motor screen, and 2m power cord with longer power cords available upon request.

These fountains are designed and built for longevity and performance – they really are beautiful to look at and how they are made.

One 2 HP Fountain will service up to 4,050m2 of water surface area and is recommended to operate in a minimum of 70cm of water depth in a horizontal configuration and a minimum of 1.4m of water depth in a vertical configuration.

The benefits of choosing one of our Aerating Fountains from our fountain range include:

-Stainless steel motor housings (they won’t rust!)
-Quality USA made
-Australian Electrical Compliant
-Off the shelf products
-Easy DIY instalment (seriously, very easy)


Spray patterns

Super-Lily – Height 3m & Diameter 10.7m
Super-Jimmy –Height 3.7m & Diameter 4m
Double Arch – Height 3.7m & Diameter 6.7m
Trillium – Height 3.7m & Diameter 5.5m
Scepter – Height 3m & Diameter 2.43m
Spider-Arch – Height 3.7m & Diameter 11m
Pentalator – Height 3.7m & 9.1 Diameter

Aerating Fountains vs Fountains

An aerating fountain adds oxygen and induces circulation into the water body for water quality management purposes; while a fountain is designed to throw water into the air to create an attractive pattern.

Select Series II 2HP

Super Jimmy 2HP Aeration Fountain
Super Jimmy
Super Lily 2HP Aeration Fountain
Super Lily
Pentalator 2HP Aeration Fountain
Spider Arch 2HP Aeration Fountain
Spider & Arch
Scepter 2HP Aeration Fountain