Leaking Dam

Leaking Dam? We’ve got your back

Rain is a welcome sight after a dry summer – especially to those who live off the land. Farmers rejoice as they watch their dams fill, bursting to the rim. This is soon followed by despair as that newly sourced water begins disappearing.

Leaks most commonly occur during dry periods: the clay loses moisture and begins to contract resulting in cracks. When the water returns, the cracks do not always re-join, leaving a perfect place for water to leak from. The longer the dam is left dry, the more likely multiple and larger cracks will form, creating a harder problem to fix.

A leaking dam is a frustrating problem whether your dam is ornamental or a vital source of your income.

Traditionally, dam repair often involves heavy machinery and draining of precious water, which can result in more water loss.

This is often an expensive and time consuming operation.

But what if I told you there was a cheaper and simpler alternative?

Dam Stop Leak Professional from Aquatic Technologies is a specialised polymer that is super absorbent and will often yield noticeable results within a couple of days. It works by being pulled into the leak through the force of the flowing water where it adheres to the dam wall and to itself. The polymer expands under the water pressure up to 200X its original size and ultimately seals the leak.

With only a one-step application, Dam Stop Leak Professional requires no specialised skill to apply. With a larger granule size than most, and positively charged to attract other particles to provide a better seal, the polymer does all the hard work for you! Dam Stop Leak Professional doesn’t require you to know where your dam is leaking from as it will locate it for you! It really is that simple.

A leak can range from obvious to inconspicuous.


Where to use Dam Stop Leak Professional:

Clay or natural based dams, wall or base leak, course or fine soil.
The best time to use Dam Stop Leak Professional is actually after a rain fall event.

How to Identify a Leak

  • Seepage through the dam walls – look for darker coloured dirt or wet areas
  • Dam empties out much faster than evaporation rate or usage
  • Inflow of water never seems to fill it properly
  • Plants growing around the base of the dam wall
  • Plant growth rate (look for healthier plant/s around the dam)

For a typical repair, Dam Stop Leak Professional is applied at a rate of 60g per square meter of water surface area.

An untypical repair may require some extra packing using debris and/or rocks packed into the leak to help bind the polymer.

Still Not Convinced?

Dam Stop Leak Professional is safe, non-toxic and highly rated on the market for quality and value.

We pride ourselves in researching the best quality products for use within water. With that being said, you can feel confident that we put only the best ingredients into our products, unlike some other products.

Most polymer-based sealers are made with potassium, whereas our product is sodium-based. Why we choose sodium over potassium is simple:

  • Potassium is hazardous in water and can be harmful to fish.

So why do some products contain potassium? Well, potassium is cheaper than sodium. Here at Aquatic Technologies we choose safety over profit.

  • A sodium base means our polymers hydrate until saturation is achieved, unlike potassium based polymers, giving you a stronger and longer lasting seal than other products on the market. Not only that, sodium is safer for your water.

Our knowledge and expertise in water quality management allows us to work out all the complicated bits, so you’re left with the assurance that you will get quality results.

Don’t know your surface area? Here’s a quick guide on how to calculate

Length X Width = Surface area

How to convert grams to kilograms:

g / 1000 = kg

by Aquatic Technologies
If you have any questions regarding looking after your dam or pond and what products are the most suitable for your situation, please read through the helpful articles on our site or feel free to contact our friendly team who can help you maintain proper health in your water body year round.
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