Coptrol - Aquatic Algaecide

  • Targets all algae (including bluegreen)
  • Fast-acting
  • Completely safe to use
  • APVMA Approved
  • Suitable for use in all water bodies (including drinking water)
  • No harm to stock

The Safe, Quick and Effective way to Control Algae

Coptrol is the algae solution suitable for all types of water bodies

Safely and quickly gain control of your algal bloom.

Get rid of algae fast!
Coptrol is a non-corrosive viscous liquid that kills algae quickly (in just 72 hours!)

Safe to use
Coptrol is safe to use in any water body (including drinking water) and is harmless to stock, fish and wildlife when used in accordance with the label and directions.

Targets all algae
Coptrol is designed to target all types of algae, including toxic blue-green algae. Coptrol is safe to use in any water body, including drinking water (potable water) and irrigation. There is no withholding period after a Coptrol application, making it a safe and viable option for quick action against algae.

Where does Coptrol work?
Coptrol can be applied to virtually all types of water bodies, including seawater, freshwater, dirty water or clean. Coptrol controls algae in a safe and effective manner in a way that's simple and easy to apply.

Coptrol works on ALL types of Algae

Coptrol provides quick relief to any algal situation including toxic blue-green algae, macro algae, micro algae and plant-like algae.

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