Why do we experience repeat algal blooms?

Q. We seem to experience repeat algal blooms, even though we treat them, they disappear but they still return. How do we stop these from returning.


Yes Algal blooms love to feed on Phosphate and with a constant supply of this in your water they will return. It is a sign that you have high nutrient loadings which directly impact the growth of algae.

The good news is, it is an easy fix. You must permanently remove the Phosphates from your water body. High Phosphate levels can contribute to prolific growth of both algal and aquatic plant species. Large amounts of either species can contribute to the degradation of water quality through changes both physical and chemical such as changes to pH, reduction in dissolved oxygen, covering of surface waters resulting in limited light availability, and toxins released from harmful algal blooms.

We have two products that remove the phosphate from the water.

Phoslock permanently binds excess phosphate and this becomes part of the natural sediment. So there is no need to remove after application and its non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Safe to use where fish are present, stock drink from and irrigation dams.

Phosflow is a new product that absorbs free reactive phosphorus and is suitable in all types of waterbodies, including those with a plastic liner or cement base. Using unique phosphorus-capturing beads and once saturated can be used as a slow-release fertiliser or in composting. Safe to use where fish are present, in drinking water, irrigation water, stock water and aquaculture.

You will also notice that removing the phosphorus significantly improves the water quality and greatly reduces the likelihood of toxic algal blooms.

Plus this is a long-lasting treatment, Phoslock will continue to absorb phosphates released from the sediment and new phosphorus inpurt until it is saturated, giving you long-lasting results. Phosflow will absorb phosphorus until it is saturated and we recommend removing and replacing every 2 months.

For more information on how to use Phoslock and quantities required please click here

For more information on how to use Phosflow and quantities requried please click here

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