Water Snowflake

Species: Nymphoides indica

weed identification

common name
Water Snowflake, Floating Heart, Robust Marshwort

Flat emerald green leaves up to 50cm diameter, resembling water lily leaves. Flower usually snowy white with orange/yellow in the centre and have frilly “hairs” fringing on the outer petal edge. Flowers commonly have 5 petals in a star shape.


Water snowflake is normally found in lakes, ponds, bogs, and marshes in areas that experience warm or mild winters.

native or exotic?

Spreads via rhizomes. Seeds can remain dormant for up to 3 years.


Disperses vegetatively or seed will remain dormant until conditions are right.


Great habitat for juvenile fish and amphibians.

What does Water Snowflake look like?

Use these images below to help you decide whether you are dealing with Water Snowflake.

Disadvantages of Water Snowflake

Full coverage of a pond or dam by Water Snowflake is uncommon but may cause significant problems such as:

  • Reduce oxygen diffusion
  • Shades out all submerged vegetation preventing further growth and causing death
  • Block drainage channels
  • Causes fish and other aquatic life death
  • Outcompetes with other aquatic plants


AQ200 Aquatic Herbicide + Wetting Agent – Chemical Herbicide designed to kill free floating weeds quickly. Use on mild to severe infestations.

Aquatic Weed Rake and Razer combo – DIY physical removal. Ideal for mild infestations, sensitive water bodies or to aid herbicide treatment.

Aquatic Harvesting – Large amphibious machine that clears the surface of floating aquatic weeds. Book this service for severe infestations or for larger water bodies.

prevention options

Aerating Fountains – Reduces the severity and likelihood of aquatic weed infestations. Use in any body of water.