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Q. We are a long time user of your Orange Oil product to control Duck Weed. Checking to see if you have ever had your product used in a Drone application and if so how concentrated can we apply it due to the tank size on the drone?


Dealing with duckweed can be a frustrating battle for anyone who loves their ponds and water bodies. In this Q & A, we’ll introduce you to an exciting new approach to combating duckweed: using drones to apply Orange Oil. We’ll also guide you on finding the optimal concentration levels for maximum effectiveness. Join us as we explore this innovative method that can revolutionize your duckweed management.

Taking to the Skies: Drones Join the Fight against Duckweed:

As technology advances, so does our ability to combat pests and weeds. Imagine the convenience of using drones to treat large areas of water bodies without breaking a sweat! Drones provide an exciting solution, saving you time and effort while ensuring precise application.

Fine-Tuning the Concentration: Customising Orange Oil for Drone Applications:

When it comes to using Orange Oil with drones, getting the concentration right is crucial. We understand the limitations posed by drone tank sizes, so let’s look into the specifics. For optimal results, we recommend a concentration of 40 mils of Orange Oil per 10L of water. This ensures a well-mixed solution that thoroughly covers the duckweed-infested areas.

Mastering Droplets and Technique: Aerial Strategies for Effective Control:

To achieve success in your duckweed control mission, understanding droplet size and application technique is essential. When using drones to apply Orange Oil, we suggest using heavier droplets. This allows the Orange Oil to penetrate and saturate the duckweed effectively. By following this approach, you’ll be well on your way to reclaiming your water bodies from this stubborn weed.

Balancing Ecology and Effectiveness: A Sustainable Solution:

By harnessing the power of Orange Oil and drone technology, you’re not only gaining efficiency but also using a sustainable approach. Orange Oil, a natural alternative, enables you to manage duckweed without resorting to harmful chemicals. By protecting your water bodies while effectively combating this invasive weed, you’re contributing to a greener and healthier ecosystem.

Using the combined power of Orange Oil and cutting-edge drone technology. With the recommended concentration of 40 mils of Orange Oil per 10L of water and the use of heavier droplets, you’ll achieve comprehensive coverage and successful weed management. Embrace the potential of technology and eco-friendly remedies to restore the beauty and balance of your water bodies. Say goodbye to duckweed frustrations and let Orange Oil and drones take the lead.

by Aquatic Technologies
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