Ultrasonic for Algae control

Q. I have a domestic, natural swimming pool that suffers from algae growth particularly stringy algae on the walls and floor. The pool is about 7 by 4m in area. I’m looking for an ultrasonic algae control device.


Yes Ultrasonic is a great way to deal with algae without using chemicals and a fantastic way to keep large water bodies clean and clear. Perfectly safe for swimming, pets, fish, plants and other aquatic life.

Ultrasonic algae control offers a high-tech way to eliminate various algae in ponds, lake, dams and more.

Emitting ultrasonic sound waves, these new age devices destroy algae in a powerful way – not only that, they’re completely safe to use and they’re built to last. These sound waves are above the human audible range and therefore causes no noise pollution.

With a myraid of ultrasonic parameters including frequency, amplitude, waveform and signal duration, you can target specific types of algae with super simple configurations. Our Chameleon Technology™ allows you to choose between active ultrasonic programs to suit the water conditions you’re dealing with. With multiple ultrasonic programs to effectively control any type of algae you’re faced with. You can take out the guess-work and eliminate algae in a science backed way.

Backed by leading institutions and research studies – here at Aquatic Technologies, we’ve worked tirelessly to create a comprehensive database of different types of algae under different condtions.

This database is built into the Ultra Sonic device, giving you the fast-track to knowing exactly what parameters you need to fight algae growth.

Algae can adapt and become resistant to certain frequencies. that’s why it’s best to use multiple ultrasonic parameters to effectively fight it.

Its unique technology emits soundwaves that damage the algae cell wall over time, preventing it from replicating and eventually weakening the cell wall to the point where it no longer functions. And no toxins from the destroyed algae are released into the water.

They are easy to install and have a self-cleaning system so require little or not maintenance once installed.

They operate on 240 volts and are also available in solar power.

For futher information please see here.

by Aquatic Technologies
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