Water Lilys have taken over our dam, how do we remove these?

Q. I have a Water Lily that has taken over our Dam. I would like to know if there is any chemical that we may be able to use to remove the lily. That will not effect the wildlife, fishes and turtles that live in the dam?


Our AQ200 + Wetting Agent combo is ideal for treating floating aquatic weeds.

Lilies are both a submerged and floating aquatic weed as their pads sit on the water surface. Spraying AQ200 on the leaves surfaces will cause them to shrivel up and die. It is important that the Wetting Agent is also added as it will help the AQ200 stick to the lily pads.

If you then follow up with a submerged AQ200 application, the stems of the lilies will die off too. For best results, we recommend following up herbicide treatments with manual removal using our hand tools like the Weed Razer.

When using AQ200 please be aware that there is a 10 day witholding period. For more information on this please read out Literature Review.

by Aquatic Technologies
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