How To Treat Drinking Water Safely

Q. Can I use Waterbac to clean our Drinking Water?


I have been in touch with the chemist regarding your question.

His response was that it really depends on the usage scenario. Waterbac itself is classified as a GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) compound, meaning there are no toxic properties in the product. The product has not been tested as food safe as it is not generally used in water for human consumption. The reason for this is that Waterbac is used in water where the water itself is unsafe for drinking as it is already high in toxins or nutrients. Previously, farmers have used Waterbac successfully in rainwater tanks, but these are contaminated with chemicals and bird/animal faeces to begin with, so the water is not expected to be used for human consumption, but is used for spraying, washing down equipment, household washing, etc.

Also, Waterbac contains a charcoal base so it can temporarily stain water; not by a large amount but can cause discolouration when observed in a glass. In a tank however it’s not a major issue as it dissipates and settles after time.

In summary, Waterbac is a GRAS compound but the water it is used in is generally unsafe for human consumption anyway. It can be used in enclosed tanks where the water is used for household washing, showering, toilet, etc. and not particularly for drinking. If you are using Waterbac to treat algae or to break down organic matter, the water is unlikely to be safe for human consumption to begin with anyway.

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