How to transform The Appearance Of Your Water With Lake Dye

How can I transform the appearance of my water body?

Q. How can I transform the appearance of my water body?

A: Aquatic Blue which can restore your water body to its vibrant blue colour

What can Aquatic Blue achieve for my water body?

Adding Aquatic Blue dye into your water body will visually transform the colour of your water into a vibrant blue.

The aesthetically pleasing blue water also aids in restricting algal and aquatic weed growth. The dye prevents light penetration into water which the algae and weeds rely on without impacting the clarity of your water. It can actually create the appearance of greater depth to your water body.

It degrades naturally over time and provides a non-herbicidal alternative to water management.

How often do I have to reapply it?

The benefits of Aquatic Blue are long lasting, so application is only required every 4-6 months.

How much Aquatic Blue will I need to apply?

If you have a shallow pond (< 1 m), you should apply 7.5 ml of Aquatic Blue per 1 000 L of water.

If you have a lake or dam, you should apply 5 L of Aquatic Blue per 2 ML of water.

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