The 4 Stages of Azolla: Identification and Treatment Guide

Q. Our dam has been overtaken by Azolla, can you recommend how we treat this and prevent it from coming back?


Azolla, a free-floating aquatic fern, can transform your water body into a weed-infested nightmare if left unchecked. This seemingly innocuous plant, known scientifically as Azolla filiculoides, is a versatile species that can rapidly take over water surfaces. In this Q&A, we will explore the four growth stages of Azolla, how to identify them, and the most effective treatments to keep your aquatic oasis in check

  • Stage 1: Primary Growth – The Beginning – In this initial stage, Azolla plants are scattered across the water’s surface flat and there is an abundance of free water. During this phase, Azolla covers around 0-30% of the water body.
  • Stage 2: Secondary Growth – A Splash of Colour – As Azolla continues to thrive, it becomes more noticeable. The water’s surface will display hues of red, green, or a combination of both. At this stage, Azolla covers approximately 30-60% of the water body.
  • Stage 3: Tertiary Growth – The Total Takeover – By this stage, Azolla has infested the water body, leaving no visible water. Its colours, red, green, or a mix, dominate the surface. Azolla’s presence has reached 60-100%,
  • Stage 4: Multilayered Growth – The Ultimate Challenge – In the fourth and final stage, Azolla has completely covered the water body. Multilayered weed mats form, with ridge-like thickenings as layers build up.

Treatment Strategies for Azolla Management

Now that we’ve identified the growth stages let’s look at treatment options for effective Azolla control:

How to Apply Treatments:

  • AQ200 + Wetting Agent: For all stages. For 100% coverage, consider thinning out Azolla before applying the herbicide. Check hidden areas beneath rocks, lily pads, and reeds for any remaining plants, and spot treat them for optimal results.
  • Orange Oil Treatment: For Primary and Secondary stages. Partially remove sections of the infestation to create space for the treated matter to sink. Apply an extra 20% of the product for saturation. Multiple light applications over several days give the best results.
  • Azolla Skimmer Use: Azolla Skimmer: For all stages. This method works best when used alongside spray treatments, enhancing your weed control efforts.

Controlling Phosphorus for Water Health

Azolla can thrive in nutrient-rich waters, particularly those with abundant phosphorus. Understanding how phosphorus enters your water is crucial for prevention:

Sources of Phosphorus:

Fertilizers, runoff, erosion, sewage, organic matter decomposition, natural weathering, and bushfires.

Managing Phosphorus:

  • Limit runoff: Minimize runoff by implementing proper drainage systems for improved water quality.
  • Reduce fertilizer use: Use fertilizers sparingly and according to recommended guidelines, reducing the risk of excessive phosphorus in your water body.
  • Prevent topsoil erosion: Implement erosion control measures to keep topsoil from entering the water, preserving its quality.
  • Manure handling: Properly handle and manage animal manure to prevent phosphorus runoff, ensuring the health of your water body.
  • Soil conservation practices: Adopt soil conservation practices to protect water quality, controlling phosphorus levels effectively.
  • Wetland and riparian buffer restoration: Restore wetlands and create riparian buffers to naturally filter phosphorus from the water, promoting a balanced aquatic ecosystem.

Removing Phosphorus for Water Body Health

  • Aeration: Promote oxygenation in your water body to reduce phosphorus levels, enhancing the overall health of your aquatic oasis.
  • Phoslock and Phosflow: Consider these treatments to effectively reduce phosphorus concentrations, contributing to a healthier and more vibrant water environment.

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