Tackling the Challenge of Invasive Water Ribbons in your Pond

Q. We have this plant in our pond, it looks rather nice but has started to become invasive. Do you know what this is and how we can control or get rid of it?


This is Cycnogeton Procerum, commonly known as Water Ribbons. These aesthetically pleasing plants can, unfortunately, become invasive due to their robust nature. The light green leaves of Water Ribbons can also float on the water surface, supported by Rhizomatous roots that spread underground, forming elongated tubers. This unique root system contributes to their invasive tendencies, as they can quickly develop new roots and shoots over a larger area. Additionally, the underground bud banks of Water Ribbons serve as an energy source during environmental stress, such as drought.

The flowering period for Water Ribbons is generally between September and February, with fruits appearing from December to March. The seeds can float for up to 5 weeks, and the plants are resilient to dry periods. Controlling these invasive plants is challenging, and a one-off treatment may not be enough.

For effective management, we recommend different treatments based on the pond’s purpose. Using a herbicide like AQ200 with a Wetting Agent, coupled with a 10+ day withholding period on the water post-treatment, can be effective. Applying the herbicide during active growth ensures better absorption, although it can be used at any time.

In cases where water cannot be withheld, physical or mechanical treatments are advised. Conduct these treatments before the plant sets seed. Utilize tools such as the Aquatic Weed Razer to cut stems below the water line and the Aquatic Weed Rake for the removal and disposal of foliage and flower heads. Using the Muck Razer to distress and break up rhizomes and suppressing growth with Aquatic Blue are additional steps to enhance effectiveness.

To ensure long-term management, seasonal treatments and the reduction of bud banks may be necessary. Dealing with Water Ribbons requires a comprehensive approach, but with the right plans, you can regain control and maintain the beauty of your pond.

by Aquatic Technologies
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