Submerged Aeration

Increases oxygen in water
Keeps water clearer
Greatly reduces likelihood of algal blooms
Improves overall health of water body
Promotes good fish health

Submerged aeration systems – the most efficient and cost-effective way to aerate deeper water bodies.

Our submerged aeration systems provide a complete and ready to install solution for waterways with low oxygen levels, sludge build up and temperature variances in the water column (stratification).

Choose from two sizes:

One motor system

  • Houses 1 – 3 diffusers
  • Single Phase 1/3 HP
  • Aluminium Enclosure (Powder Coated)
  • Timer

Two motor system

  • Houses 1 – 6 diffusers
  • Single Phase 2/3 HP
  • Aluminium Enclosure (Powder Coated)
  • Timer

Each diffuser will service up to 3,035m2 and you can control the individual air flow rate to each diffuser.

We have specifically tailored these units to withstand the Australian climate.

The motor housing is also stationed on a pad, so there is no need to place a concrete base down. Simply level the ground and place the motor housing straight onto the ground.

Thermal Stratification


Over time water ways can develop stratification which is a separation of the warmer top layer of water and the colder deeper layers. Whilst the top layer receives oxygen from the air and supports marine life the bottom layer loses oxygen through anaerobic breakdown of organic matter which can result in foul smells, fish kills, poor clarity and excess weed and algae growth.

Our submerged aeration system is designed to move large volumes of water from near the bottom of the water body to the surface where it spreads out in contact with the air and becomes oxygenated. This water movement is created by millions of tiny bubbles being emitted by the diffuser that rise and entrain water with them. We favour tube-style diffusers due to their low maintenance and optimisation of water movement.

The closer to the bottom that the water begins moving, the better the overall circulation. Proper, deep aeration quickly circulates the entire water body with well oxygenated water so that organic break down is accomplished aerobically, and your water body stays healthy.

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