WaterGuard Gold 20L

WaterGuard Gold 20L


WaterGuard – the most effective and economical way of reducing evaporation from dams, irrigation dams & water storage holdings.

  • New formulation for harsh climates
  • Higher performance with enhanced UV protection
  • Prevents excess water loss
  • Polishes water surface
  • Safe to use – NSF International Certified
  • Easy to apply


WaterGuard Gold is probably the most effective and economical solution to reducing water evaporation in dams, ponds, reservoirs and more.

It works by forming a thin layer over the surface of your water – this reduces the rate of evaporation and can save water at a rate of up to 50%.

This super-effective product is made up of polymers that repel each other when in water. This results in an automatic spreading of the solution across the entire water’s surface. This forms a thin (but powerful) barrier that prevents the excess evaporation of water.


Did you know?

A 10-hectare dam (25 acres) can lose up to 800,000 litres each day in summer, or more than 5 million litres per week…

How To Use

How to Use

Simply pour the recommended amount (as per instructions) directly onto the water body to be treated.

WaterGuard is completely safe to use around humans, pets, wildlife and livestock.

* Trials using WaterGuard have achieved decreased evaporation rates of up to 50%.



  • Reducing water evaporation


What is the product perishability and can it survive the filtration process?

The perishability will last around 4-6 weeks, depending on your filter.

If your filter is an above surface filter/skimmer, we do not recommend that the product will be as successful as a below surface filter.

How does evaporation work?

Evaporation turns liquid into vapour at the very surface of a water body which allows that water to enter the atmosphere. This is due to the sun heating the very surface of the water to boiling point.

Each time this event happens, more water is removed from the water source. Aquatain reduces evaporation rates by around 50%. It works by providing a silicon based film across the surface of the water that acts as a guard to prevent evaporation from occurring. Use Aquatain all year round to ensure you get the most out of your water!

Is it safe to use around fish and livestock?

Yes, Aquatain is safe to use around fish, livestock and wildlife.

Does evaporation occur in cold temperatures?

Yes, cold water can evaporate. It just does this process much slower in colder temperatures. Water molecules are constantly moving and it is this constant movement that builds up energy that eventually causes water to evaporate.


Safe For

Safe For


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