Recurring aquatic algae in pond

Q. Our pond suffers from recurring algae and we treat it and it goes, but quickly returns. Is it beneficial to drain the pond and start again?


It may seem like the answer to drain your pond, clean everything, and fill with fresh clean water.

But your pond will have its own eco system, with beneficial bacteria and draining out the pond will instantly remove this.

Did you know that beneficial bacteria can naturally help to clean the pond. So drastic action, is not always the answer, it can open up more issues.

  • The best course of action is to treat with an alaecide to get rid of the existing algae, we would recommend Coptrol*
  • Then add some Muck Breaker, this will dissolve the waste that naturally sits on the bottom of your pond.
  • You can look at adding Barley Straw Bales which help to naturally suppress the algae from returning.
  • Then look at whether the pond is in the full sun, the number of fish living in the pond, the filtration system and where your runoff is coming from – many lawn fertilisers end up in water body’s. This fertiliser runoff then puts phosphorus and nitrogen into the water which are the main food sources for algal blooms.

* Please follow the instructions carefully if you have fish in your pond.

by Aquatic Technologies
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