Are polymer products safe to use with fish, yabbies and livestock?

Q. The dam has been stocked with fish & yabbies. I am concerned that the use of “polymer” will be harmful to these animals. The dam is also used for livestock use (sheep). Could you please provide further information on this topic? Thanks


Thanks for your interesting question.
Our Dam Stop Leak products are both non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Unlike potassium-based dam sealers, our Dam Stop Leak is completely safe as its main ingredient sodium is often used as a binding agent in livestock feed. In fact, Dam Stop Leak can also absorb certain minerals in water, improving water quality as an unintended benefit.

Fish, yabbies and similar aquatic critters are also safe as the polymer granules are simply too large to affect them. We would recommend feeding the fish before adding in Dam Stop Leak, as fish can be tempted to eat it as they think it’s food.

For more details, refer to the Sodium vs Potassium Dam Stop Leak Literature Review.

by Aquatic Technologies
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