Phosphorus Reduction

Can reduce total phosphorous to aid in water body management
Improves water quality
Unmatched technology for phosphorus removal
Permanently removes Free Reactive Phosphorus at time of application

Unmatched technology for phosphorus removal

Developed by the Australian CSIRO, Phoslock is a highly effective product that removes excess phosphorus from your body of water.

Phosphorus is a dominant food source for both algae and aquatic plants and if left untreated, high levels of phosphorus can lead to toxic algal blooms or excessive growth of aquatic plants such as Azolla.

Phoslock is a unique modified bentonite clay granule that when applied in a slurry to a water body, it absorbs phosphorous from the water column and permanently locks the phosphorus into the inert modified clay particles. The clay particles then sink to the bottom and becomes part of the water bodies natural sediments layer.

One Phoslock application can last for years to come, keeping you free of phosphorus.

Phoslock can assist in the removal of nutrients caused by fish waste or where fish stocks are high.

Phoslock can be applied after aquatic algaecides or herbicides have been used and may assist in improving water quality and reduce nutrients.