Identifying and Management of an Aquatic Weed

Q. Just wondering if you can identify the attached picture of an aquatic plant we have growing in our dam? Also what is the best way to treat it for removal as it is blocking our foot valve when irrigating?


Absolutely! The plant you’re dealing with is known as Blunt Pondweed, or scientifically referred to as Potamogeton Ochreatus.

Blunt Pondweed like many other aquatic plants, can be a nuisance if left unchecked, as it has a wayfor overpowering waterbodies. Not only can it stop the flow of irrigation systems and pumps, but it also has a way for reproducing through seeds or plant fragments.

How do you control Aquatic Weeds?

To effectively manage Blunt Pondweed and restore balance to your waterbody, we recommend considering the following treatment options, taking into account the unique characteristics of your water usage:

Herbicide AQ200: If circumstances permit, using the herbicide AQ200 can be a game-changer. While it does require a temporary halt in water usage for 10 days, AQ200 is a powerful solution that targets and eliminates the weed, providing a long-lasting solution. However, we understand that this approach may not always be practical, especially when water usage cannot be interrupted.

Manual Removal with Weed Harvesters: An eco-friendly alternative for you! Consider manual removal using specialised weed harvesters, which are designed to make the task easier and more efficient. These innovative devices cut and collect the weed, allowing you to reclaim your waterbody without relying on chemical treatments. It’s a great way to give nature a helping hand while ensuring the health of your aquatic environment. We recommend booking this for severe infestations or for larger water bodies.

Preventive Measures:

Prevention is key when it comes to managing aquatic weed growth. By implementing the following proactive treatments, you can minimize the likelihood of future infestations:

Regular Monitoring: Keep a watchful eye on your waterbody, particularly during the growing season. By staying vigilant and catching invasive plants early on, you can take prompt action to prevent them from spreading and simplify the removal process.

Nutrient Management: Just like us, aquatic plants thrive on nutrients. By employing effective nutrient management practices, such as reducing fertilizer usage and managing organic matter runoff, you can create an environment less conducive to the growth of aquatic weeds. It’s all about striking the right balance!

Aquatic Blue: Which is a blue dye that limits plant growth by blocking UV light from entering the water column, which aquatic weeds need to survive.

Aeration: Either one of our Aeration Fountains or our Lake Bed Aerator as this will reduce the severity and liklehood of aquatic weed infestation.

See our blog on Treating Blunt Pondweed

by Aquatic Technologies
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