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How to Treat Algae when we have Turtles in our Dam?

Q. We have algae in our dam, but our concern is we have turtles that use the dam – is Coptrol safe for Turtles?


When you find yourself dealing with the frustrating problem of algae overgrowth in your dam, while concerns for the safety and happiness of the turtles that visit the area? In this Q&A, we will address your worries and shed light on why Coptrol is a safe and reliable solution for turtles. Join us as we look at the measures you can take to guarantee the well-being of our turtle friends during the algae treatment process.

Ensuring a Safe Haven for Turtles: Coptrol’s Turtle-Friendly

You’ll be glad to know that Coptrol poses no harm to turtles when used correctly, following the application instructions meticulously. By adhering to the guidelines printed on the label, you can effectively combat the algae problem while keeping our beloved turtles safe and sound.

Understanding the Importance of Water for Turtles

Water is a vital element in the lives of our turtles, serving numerous essential purposes. It plays a crucial role in helping them regulate their body temperature, aids in digestion, and provides the hydration they need for overall well-being. Unlike fish, turtles lack the ability to produce saliva, making water indispensable for their eating process. Therefore, maintaining a healthy water environment is essential for their health and happiness.

Celebrating the Unique Traits of Turtles

Turtles possess remarkable characteristics that make them truly remarkable creatures of the water. Unlike fish, they require periodic trips to the surface to breathe. This distinctive feature enables them to adapt to varying oxygen levels in their environment. Additionally, turtles have the ability to hold their breath for extended periods, allowing them to explore the depths of their watery abode.

Ensuring Turtle Safety: A Considerate Approach to Coptrol Treatment

Should any doubts or concerns linger about the potential effects of Coptrol on turtles, it is advisable to provide them with alternative water sources during the treatment process. By offering a temporary haven, such as a nearby pond or a designated water area, you can ensure that turtles have a secure refuge while your dam undergoes treatment.

We would also look at ways to stop the algae from re-turning, whether using aeration in the form of an aeration fountain or an algae suppressant like Barley Straw Bales or Barley Straw Extract.

Coptrol is APVMA Approved (Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority). Approval from the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority is the National Registration Authority for agricultural and veterinary chemicals.

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