How to treat algae in a Hydroponic Farm

Q. We have algae in our Hydroponic Farm pipes, what can we use to get rid of the algae?


Hyroponic farms have a tendancy to get algae, because of the heavy nutrient load of the plants and controlling it can be difficult.

Even the smallest amount of algae can fully or partially block pipes and nozzles. This may reduce the water flow and eventually clog, which is a major cause of water stress in plants and results in uneven growth. Therefore it is important to keep your water source clear of algae. Irrigation systems are often affected by filamentous algaeFilamentous algae are easily identified by its stringy structure and is associated with blocking and cloging drip irrigation systems.

Algae need light, water and food to grow. You cannot do much about the water and the nutirents but you can stop the light. Whenever light penetrates the nutrient solution action should be taken to stop it. Make sure you have a light proof nutrient reservoir made from opaque material and a lid. Then light proof all the channels, the entry and exit points of the solution.

When evaluating a blocked nozzle problem remember algae require light to grow, they do not grow in buried piplines, in black polythense or any conduits that stops light from penetrating. Under these conditions bacteria thrive living on iron and sulpher producting a mass of slime which acts as an adhesive to trap solids and quickly block emitters.

We would recommend using Coptrol to treat algae, but it will not treat bacterial slime.

Coptrol will not harm your plants and there is no withholding period. Algae actively seek out and absorb Coptrol for its nutritional value. Once absorbed through their cell wall digestive enzymes within the algae cell breaks down the copper chelate and releases the active constituent inside the algae cell to kill it.

To calculate how much Coptrol you would need please use our handy calculator.

by Aquatic Technologies
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