How to make our dam water look amazing

Q. We are about to sell our house and we have a large dam on the property. We want to get the water looking great – what do you recommend?


Absolutely, a water body of any size is a great selling feature. Most purchasers always look at the photo before attending an open house viewing and if you have photos of an amazing looking water feature, then you are sure to have a busy open house.

There are some easy things to do, to make the water look great.

Ensure that the area around the dam is presentable, no overgrown grass or weeds.

Make sure the water is algae and weed free – algae can just pop up overnight so best to either use a suppressant or treat the algae and weeds straight away.

If the water is murky or smells, you might want to invest in an aeration fountain which would not only give that wow factor but also keep the water clear.

The final thing to do, is to make the water mirror like and blue – use our Aquatic Blue Lake and Pond Dye.

If time isn’t on your side we would recommend you treat the algae first. Coptrol will get rid of your algae quickly, then look at one of our weed razers to manually cut the weeds back and then add Aquatic Blue, Lake and Pond Dye.

Finally, good luck with selling the house

by Aquatic Technologies
If you have any questions regarding looking after your dam or pond and what products are the most suitable for your situation, please read through the helpful articles on our site or feel free to contact our friendly team who can help you maintain proper health in your water body year round.
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