How to identify an Algae versus an Aquatic Weed

Q. Can you please tell me what this Aquatic Plant is?


This is not an aquatic plant but in fact an algae – so you would need to treat this as an algae.

How to tell the difference between an aquatic plant and algae

Because the stems are translucent this is how you identify this as an algae. If it was an aquatic plant, the stems of the plant would be solid.

How to treat Aquatic Algae

The treatment products that we use to treat aquatic weeds are completley different to those for treating aquatic alage. So we would always recommend if you are unsure, checking either on our weed identification page or uploading an image to our enquiry form so that our technical team can do an ID on it and recommend the products to use.

Depending on what you use the water for, we would recommend using Coptrol which is a safe and effective control of aquatic algae and algae blooms. This is approved by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority.

Coptrol application rates to control Aquatic Algae

The usage ratio is 1L of Coptrol per 100,000 – 200,000L or 120m2-240m2

How to use Coptrol

Dilute the measured amount of Coptrol, 1-part Coptrol to 10 or 20 parts water. Once diluted, apply as evenly as possible over the water’s surface. See label for full usage instructions.

Is Coptrol safe for fish?

If however you have fish, we do recommend using Coptrol Fish Pack. When fish are present we have to proceed with caution. This is due to when algae dies, it takes alot of oxygen out of the water and this makes it very difficult for fish to survive. Please read the full instructions that come with the Coptrol Fish Pack.

by Aquatic Technologies
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