How to control algae in Rice Crops

Q. How do we stop algae damaging our rice crops?


Algae, or slime is a perpetual problem in rice crops. Sometimes it is so prevalent in the water that large slabs of algae cover the surface, smothering the emerging rice crop.

Algae thrives where there are plenty of nutrients in the water and when plentiful sunlight encourages photosynthesis. The usual rice crop conditions of shallow water, fertilizer and sunlight create an ideal environment for the growth of algae.

Before algae are visually detected a lot of damage has already occured to the crop at its most vulnerable stage of growth.These effects include:
Inhibition of seedling germination and vigour
Uprooted seedlings
Seedling know-down and smother

In most cases action to eradicate slime is only taken when filaments are present in huge numbers. And the treatments avilable are limited. Generally farmers use water control or bluestone, both of which are drasic answers to a problem where a lot of damage has already occured.

Coptrol offers a new approach in the prevention and control of free floating and filamentous alge in rice.It is very stable and highly effective in killing and controlling algae
Is a liquid and is easy to apply
Is not corrosive to air craft or equipment remains active in water longer will not build up in the soil

Since Coptrol is a non-corrosive viscous liquid it is extremely adaptable in application. Unlike bluestone, it can be applied as a preventative treatment prior to or immediately after sowing.It can:
Piggyback with herbicide and insecticides flown onto aerally sown or drill down sown crops
Be mixed with water and dripped into water flowing into bays
Be poured from banks directly into flooded bays

Coptrol is highly specific to algae and does not harm fish, plants or livestock, when used in accordance with label instructions. Indeed part of the modecule is a nutrient and algae actively seek out Coptrol, which leads to their quick destruction.

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