Eel Grass Challenge: Renewing your Water Oasis

Q. We have this growing in our dam and we have no idea what it is, can you help identify and recommend how to treat?


From the photos provided, it seems like your water is now home to Eel Grass, a prolific underwater plant that thrives, especially during the warmer seasons.

Eel Grass tends to create a dense meadow beneath the water’s surface, utilizing an intricate underground root system that extends through the pond bottom. As it spreads via runners, new plants develop their own root system, contributing to its rapid growth. This sun-loving aquatic plant remains fully submerged, showcasing small white flowers against the vibrant green backdrop of its leaves.

Dealing with this invasion requires more than a simple cut-and-rake approach, as the resilient roots can persist and lead to re-infestations. Our recommended solution is the use of AQ200 Aquatic Herbicide, applied as directed on the label. Dilute the herbicide appropriately and spray it across the water’s surface, with a particular focus on the submerged Eel Grass. One litre of AQ200 treats a substantial water volume, ranging from 100,000 to 200,000 liters.

Following the application of AQ200, there is a mandatory 10-day withholding period. During this time, refrain from using the water for any purpose, including irrigation, stock watering, or recreational activities. This precaution ensures the effectiveness of the herbicide and minimizes potential risks.

When applying AQ200, choose calm days to prevent off-site drift to non-targeted terrestrial plants. Windy conditions may lead to unintended consequences, so timing is key to a successful treatment. Take the necessary precautions, and soon you’ll be on your way to reclaiming your dam from the persistent grip of Eel Grass.

by Aquatic Technologies
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