Algae on Dam

Q. How do I quickly get rid of algae from my dam?


Algal blooms are a really common problem in dams over summer. They can happen very suddenly and can rapidly take over your dam. Algal blooms can really impact the use of your water body as it can block irrigation pipes, prevent swimming and fishing, threaten the health of stock and wildlife as well as preventing light and oxygen from entering the water.

Fast acting treatments:


If you are wanting quick results to get your dam back to a healthy state, an algaecide is a guaranteed, fast acting solution for algae. Coptrol aquatic algaecide is great for treating all types of algae and works rapidly to reduce the amount of algae in a dam, usually within 72 hours. Coptrol is safe to use if you have fish, you will just need to apply it in three applications instead of one. It is a really effective treatment that is guaranteed to kill algae quickly.

Algae Master

Another treatment option is Algae Master, it works by coating the algae which drags it down to the dam floor. The algae eventually cannot survive without light at the bottom of the dam. Algae Master also removes nutrients from the water, meaning the bounce back of algal in the water body is also limited. It also has the added benefit of reducing cloudiness in a water body. This starts working immediately after you apply it.

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