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Q. We want to swim in our dam but it isn’t very inviting


Summer is here and so too are warm days that are perfect for a swim. If you are wanting to enjoy a swim in your dam with family and friends, here are some tips to make it more inviting!

Add in Aquatic Clear Dam?

Murky water can be unsafe and unpleasant to swim in as it is difficult to see what is actually happening beneath the surface. Clear Dam clings to any floating particles and drags them to the bottom to improve the visibility and clarity of the water. This gives noticeable results in just 48 hours so it gives you enough time to check the forecast before the weekend.

Introduce Aquatic Blue dye:

Aquatic Blue dye will refresh your dam with a vibrant blue colour. Whilst visually enhancing the dam, the dye reduces UV light penetration into the water which can slow the growth of submerged plants. Controlling plant growth is important as they can tangle swimmers and obstruct the bottom of the dam from view. Even though it’s a dye, you don’t have to worry about it staining the skin or clothes of anyone swimming in the water.

Aerate your Dam:

Aerating your dam will improve the overall health of your water body but importantly it helps keep the water clear. Aeration also helps with the breakdown of muck that can be unpleasant to stand on when it covers the bottom and shoreline of the dam. There are subsurface and fountain aerators that you can use but it is best to temporarily remove the fountains when swimming for safety reasons.

Rake out any muck:

If there is any muck left over along the shoreline or the bottom, you can tackle it with a razor rake. A razor rake is a great tool for removing debris and muck from the dam floor to make your dam more welcoming.

Remove any weeds:

Aquatic weed removal is important to ensure safe, easy access to the water as well as improving visibility whilst swimming. Large growths of vegetation can restrict swimming and can pose a danger to swimmers. Weed razors or razor rakes work by dragging them across the surface and bottom to cut and clear weeds so you can enjoy your dip without any worries.

by Aquatic Technologies
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