Beneficial bacteria for ponds

Q: I wonder if you can help. I have been reading that you should add Bacteria to your pond, is this correct and if so how do you do it?


Yes, a healthy balance of good bacteria in your pond helps keep it clean and healthy. By improving your water quality this can in turn reduce algae blooms and we would also recommend reducing your Phosphorus levels which blue-green algae love to feed off.

Beneficial Bacteria can be extremely helpful in maintaining clean and healthy water. It is also easy to apply and you don’t have to worry about putting in too much as your water will benefit even more.

The Beneficial Bacteria will consume the nutrients in the water to grow and divide, and will surpass the lagae for nutrients. As the number of bacteria increases, the number of nutrients naturally decrease. Without food, algae are unable to reproduce in large numbers and simply die.

These Beneficial Bacteria occur naturally in the environment. They are an essential part of the food web as a food source for benthos and zooplankton, which are food for fish and other aquatic life.

How do you add bacteria?

We have a couple of products that are natural aerobic bacteria.

Waterbac is a natural aerobic bacteria and aids in removing excess nitrogen and phosphorus and helps break down accumulating muck. Breaking down harmful substances like ammonia and nitrites that can come from fish waste.

Muck Breaker which breaks down muck, this is algae’s main food source and this product is also a naturally occurring aerobic bacteria.

We would recommend using Waterbac in fish ponds, ponds and small dams, whilst using Muck Breaker in large ponds, dams, lakes and shorelines/shallow waters.

With natural aerobic bacteria – it needs a well oxygenated water body to work. Beneficial Bacteria are living organisms and require oxygen to survive. Therefore, it is important to ensure your water body has natural aeration or you look at putting aeration in.

Both products are completely natural and safe to use around fish, pets and livestock.

by Aquatic Technologies
If you have any questions regarding looking after your dam or pond and what products are the most suitable for your situation, please read through the helpful articles on our site or feel free to contact our friendly team who can help you maintain proper health in your water body year round.
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