Water Quality Treatments

Here at Aquatic Technologies we manufacture, distribute and stock a wide range of science-backed products and the best pond cleaners for crystal clear water.

Whether you have an existing water quality issue or you’re just looking to educate yourself, the team at Aquatic Technologies is here to make sure you find the solution.

From water-saving products to pond cleaners, pH-level correctors, leak preventatives and much, much more - it’s never been easier to take care of your water quality and make it look incredible too.

We don’t just supply - we inform, too. Find out everything you need to know and get the tools you need to get the job done, all under one roof and online.

How important is water quality to you?

Get expert insights, hire professional aquatic services and shop the very best water supplies on the market today, right here at Aquatic Technologies.

Stop that dam from leaking, clear up your murky water, get rid of harmful vegetation and breathe new life into your pond, dam, lake, lagoon and more.

Here at Aquatic Technologies, we offer a wide range of expert-led services and the latest science-backed products to combat all types of algae.


Maundia triglochinoides


Urochloa mutica "Para Grass"

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