Phoslock 25kg

Phoslock 25kg

Reduce excessive growth of algae and aquatic plants by targeting and reducing the excess phosphorus in your pond, dam or lake.

  • Reduces algal and aquatic plant growth
  • Unmatched technology for phosphorus removal
  • Improves water quality rapidly
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Rapid and permanent removal of Free Reactive Phosphorus


Phoslock: Remove excess phosphorus the easy way

Developed by the Australian CSIRO, Phoslock is a highly effective product that removes excess phosphates from any body of water.

Safe to use and effective in its application, Phoslock tackles one of the most common and fundamental problems behind unhealthy water.

Why is excess Phosphorus a problem?

Many types of harmful algae feed on Phosphate. Phoslock uses its Phosphorus Locking Technology to limit the growth of new algae in ponds, lakes, lagoons and more. If left untreated, high levels of phosphorus in your water can cause devastating algal blooms that may damage the environment and cause serious health hazards to humans and animals alike.

If you continuously experience poor water quality, Phoslock might be just the key to tackling the root of the problem. You can now significantly reduce phosphorus levels in your water with this simple product.

Reset the ageing clock…

Phoslock offers unrivalled technology in resetting the eutrophication clock (the ageing process) of your body of water, by removing free reactive phosphorus.

This product features a unique modified bentonite clay granule build that effectively locks phosphorus into its own particles, which then sink to the bottom. These particles then become part of the natural sediment of the bottom – so there’s no need to remove them after application.

Phoslock will continue to absorb phosphorus released from the sediment and new phosphorus inputs until it is saturated.

Quick Overview

  • Unmatched technology for phosphorus removal
  • Rapid and permanent removal of Free Reactive Phosphorus
  • Improves water quality rapidly
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Easy to apply

How To Use

How to Use

Simply mix the measured amount of Phoslock into an aqueous slurry, then apply directly to the water.

Phoslock is non-toxic and safe to use around humans, pets and livestock.


Algae Treated


  • Excess Phosphate


I run a small aquaculture business and have problems with blue-green algae outbreaks in some ponds, would Phoslock be safe? These are aquarium fish, not for human consumption.

Often the build-up of fish waste can be the source of algae blooms.

If you cannot turn over the water or don’t want to dump the water, then utilising Phoslock is an ideal way to reduce Phosphorus nutrient loads.

Phoslock a basically a modified bentonite clay partial that absorbs phosphorus, toxicology reports on Rainbow Fish show no significant impact on fish stocks, when applied as directed.

Is Phoslock safe to use around fish and livestock?

Phoslock is a natural product and is completely safe to use around fish, livestock and wildlife.



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