Aquatic Clear Dam 200L

Aquatic Clear Dam 200L

Transform your pond or dam from an unsightly muck to crystal clear waters with Aquatic Clear Dam.

  • Fast-acting (clear water in just 48 hours)
  • Safe for fish
  • Will not affect pH or salinity

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Aquatic Clear Dam

Clear Dam is effective in clearing existing turbidity and brown water.

This advanced product quickly clears water in murky dams, ponds, lakes and more. A flocculant solution designed to remove suspended particles in water, Aquatic Clear Dam offers noticeable results in just 48 hours.

Some of the things that make your water murky can include organic matter, microscopic organisms and some types of algae. These can carry harmful pathogens and waterborne diseases, so clearing up your murky water isn’t just an aesthetic must – it’s a health and safety concern too.

Effectively removing harmful particles in your water from suspension, Aquatic Clear Dam is an easy-to-apply product that’s perfect for practically any body of water that’s become murky and unsightly.

Murky water can cause…

  • blockages in irrigation spray nozzles
  • the build-up of sludge in drippers and pipes
  • staining of plumbing equipment
  • an unsafe swimming environment

Factors such as wind or rain events may affect the results of this product.

Rain events can cause new turbidity to enter the dam. It is best to implement control methods to prevent run off from rain events introducing new turbidity by placing crushed rock or hay bales to slow and filter new input water.

Wind can cause water to lap against dam edges, this action on loose or not-compacted dam edges can mobilise sediments. It is best to therefore compact these edges by placing sand, crushed rock, rock or geo-fabric to firm up these edges for best long term sustainable results.

How To Use

How to Use

Simply dilute the prescribed amount of Aquatic Clear Dam into clean water and apply it directly onto the body of water. It’s non-toxic and safe to use around humans, fish, pets and livestock alike.

Algae Treated


  • Murky Water


Is it safe to use with fish?

Yes, Aquatic Clear Dam is safe to use around fish, aquatic plants and other wildlife.

Why should I use Aquatic Clear Dam?

Highly turbid water is unsafe to swim in as it greatly reduces water clarity and visibility, it is unpleasant for livestock to drink from water that contains a lot of sediment, turbid water can cause blockages in your pipes and not to mention makes the water unsightly. By using Aquatic Clear Dam, it improves the clarity and quality of your water!



Safe For

Safe For

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