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Hand Held Granular Spreader


Crafted for the accurate application of Aquatic Dam Stop Leak.
• Generous 1.5kg hopper with easy to fill container. Scoop front for easy filling and pouring
• Adjustable flow gate with 3 variable setting control switch
• Robust poly design. Will not rust
• Broadcast range up to 5m
• High RPM gearbox with enclosed smooth anti-skip gears

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Using Hand Held Spreader you can accurately and evenly apply your material over land or water and can be used from the shoreline.

Dispenses our Dam Stop Leak with ease and disperses up to 5m.


How To Use

Easy to use:

  1. Fill the hopper
  2. Adjust the rate at which you desire contents to be dispenses by manually flicking between settings 1-3 on the handle.
  3. Begin application by walking at a desired speed, squeezing trigger on handle with one finger and rotation handle with other hand.
  4. Clean unit with a dam cloth after each use.


Use the Aquatic Technologies Hand Held Spreader in conjunction with Aquatic Dam Stop Leak




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