Half HP Aeration Fountain – Cluster Arch (15 Meter Power Cord)

Half HP Aeration Fountain – Cluster Arch (15 Meter Power Cord)

Half HP Aeration Fountain – Aqua Control Evolution Series II

  • Increases oxygen in water
  • Greatly reduces likelihood of algal blooms
  • Promotes good fish health
  • Keeps water clearer
  • Improves overall health of water body
  • Aesthetically pleasing


Much more than just a visual feature, this Half HP (horsepower) fountain range offers water aeration at high outputs.

Why aeration?

Insufficient oxygen in a body of water can cause real problems. From fish deaths to bad smells, algal blooms and more, low oxygen saturation in water can be a recipe for disaster.

The great thing is, it’s never been easier to adequately aerate your water. A quality aerator system works by oxygenating your water source, giving your water the refreshment it needs and helping fish to thrive.

The benefits of a Half HP Aeration Fountain are many. Half HP fountains are super-efficient with high flow rates and great economy. The Aqua Control Series II Half HP Aeration Fountain a great visual feature, all the while clearing up your water and preventing the buildup of harmful algae and other organisms. This fountain is ideal in bodies of water up to half an acre (2,050 square meters) in size.

What’s included?

  • Simple plug-in operation
  • 240 volt, 10 amp single-phase floating fountain motor with suction screen
  • Fountain Float
  • Standard motor cord lengths in meters 15m, 30m & 55m, or as ordered
  • 2 mooring stakes
  • 30m mooring rope
  • Tornado nozzle with 1.5m high x 3.7m wide spray pattern

Optional LED Fountain Light Kit

 This simple-to-install kit lets you illuminate your fountain at night. Give your pond, lake or dam a touch of beauty with LED lights.

  • High-power LED lights
  • Comes standard with white lamps
  • Or upgrade to Red, Blue, Green, alternating colours

How To Use

Algae Treated


  • Provides more oxygen to water
  • Decreases algal blooms
  • Keeps fish healthier
  • Keeps water clearer


What does an Aeration Fountain do?

The aeration fountain works to increase the amount of oxygen in the water and in turn removes toxins, metals and other dissolved gasses that may be present. The increase in oxygen may prevent algal blooms and will increase the overall health of the fish and aquatic plant life found within the water. It will also act as a long lasting aquatic weed and algae control.

What is the difference between the half HP and the 2 HP fountains?

The size of the motor dictates the amount of water the fountain can aerate. The half HP (Horsepower) fountain will aerate bodies of water up to ½ and acre or 2,050m2 and between half a metre and 6m in depth. The 2 HP fountain is able to aerate larger bodies of water, up to 2,500m2 and deeper than 4m in depth.

What is Thermal Stratification?

Thermal stratification is the layering of warmer, oxygen rich water near the surface on top of cooler, oxygen deprived water towards the bottom. The transition between these layers is called the thermocline. The differences in water density at the thermocline prevents the water from mixing. Our Aerators use diffusers to pump air through the diffuser membranes. This air then makes its way to the pond surface in the form of millions of tiny bubbles. As these bubbles travel upward through the layers of thermal stratification they entrain water with them. This water is carried to the surface where it becomes naturally oxygenated, thus aerating the waterbody.

What are some benefits of aeration?

By aerating and circulating from the pond bottom up, the toxic gasses previously trapped under the thermocline can escape, thereby providing a balanced habitat for aquatic life. The aeration also creates aerobic conditions near the pond bottom where microbial processes can naturally break down nutrients which would otherwise be used in the production of noxious aquatic weeds and algae.

Lake bed aeration systems are the most efficient and cost effective way to aerate water bodies. Our lake bed aeration systems provide a complete ready to install solution for waterways with low oxygen levels, sludge build up and temperature variances in the water column (stratification).



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