Free Floating Weed Preventative 500mL

Free Floating Weed Preventative 500mL


For the safe and effective prevention of free floating weed infestations such as Salvinia, Duckweed, Lemna and Azolla in ponds, dams, lagoons and lakes.

  • Prevents free floating aquatic weed infestations
  • Silicone-based liquid
  • Forms a protective layer on the water’s surface – does not affect fish and other aquatic life
  • Use after free floating aquatic weed treatment or before infestation occurs

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Free Floating Weed Preventative

This preventative solution helps to limit the risk of new aquatic weed infestations in your water. Helping to prevent the regrowth of Azolla, Salvinia, and Duckweed, this silicone-based liquid disperses across the water surface to give fast-acting effects.

Once you’ve cleared your body of water from aquatic weeds, Free Floating Weed Preventative helps to reduce the likelihood of reinfestation.

Is it safe?

When used according to instructions, this product has no withholding period, so you can use the water immediately after treatment. It’s safe for fish, livestock, pets and humans alike.

How does it work?

Affecting the surface tension of water by creating a silicone ‘barrier’, this pourable solution prevents the reoccurrence of new floating weed growth by stopping it from floating – providing the peace of mind you need in ensuring your water stays as weed-free as possible.

Free Floating Weed Preventative works perfectly in conjunction with Free Floating Weed Control and approved herbicides that aim to clear the water’s surface of weeds.


How To Use

How to Use

Once your body of water has been cleared of the free-floating weeds, the Free Floating Weed Preventative will help reduce the likelihood of re-infestation.


Simply pour the solution from the container onto the water surface. This product will spread across the surface area automatically. Use together with Free Floating Weed Control for best effect.



Free Floating Aquatic Weeds like:

  • Duckweed
  • Lemna
  • Azolla
  • Salvinia


When is it best to use this product?

We recommend using our Free Floating Weed Preventative in conjunction with our Free Floating Weed Control and one of our skimmers. Apply Free Floating Weed Preventative 2 hours after you have applied Free Floating Weed Control. For best results, skim mass infestations before applying our Free Floating Weed Control and Preventative.

How does it work?

Free Floating Weed Preventative works to affect the waters tension by forming a thin layer of silicon based liquid. The plants are unable to stay afloat. This prevents the re-establishment of free floating weeds.


Safe For

Safe For






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