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Barley Straw Extract 1L

Barley Straw Extract 1L


Aquatic Barley Straw Extract: 100% Natural Algae Treatment8, use in Water Features, Fountains, Garden Water Tanks, Irrigation Systems, Small Fish Ponds, Large outdoor ponds and small dams.

  • Inhibit’s algal growth8 & green slime
  • Blue-green algae are sensitive to chemicals released from rotting straw16
  • Fast-acting & effective9
  • Environmental & sustainable method of algae control9
  • Australian made and owned
  • Simple and easy to use

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The more natural way to go, Aquatic Barley Straw Extract is a super-concentrated liquid made from whole barley straw designed for easy-to-use, no mess application. This fast-acting, effective9, eco-friendly formula is the natural solution for maintaining healthy, clear and clean pond water all year round. Available in a convenient bottle that’s easy to store and simple to use, this trusted Aquatic Barley Straw Extract is a time-tested natural product that can make the perfect pond.


What is Barley Straw Extract?

Aquatic Barley Straw Extract is a concentrated liquid made from whole barley straw. With an incredibly easy method of delivery and high concentration naturally improving water purity. Use of barley straw to suppress algae growth dates back to the Middle Ages, when countries started to experience cyanobacteria outbreaks in drinking water supplies. People started drinking liquor made from barley rotted in water because the alcohol was sufficient to kill pathogenic bacteria7. In 1980, a farmer noticed that an accidental addition of rotting straw reduced algae growth the following year4. Decomposing barley straw in well aerated water releases compounds that inhibit algal growth. It has been shown that barley straw is active against a range of algae including unicellular and filamentous forms8. Aquatic Barley Straw Extract is 100% Australian made and is suited to Australian conditions and bodies of water. This Aquatic Barley Straw Extract is the perfect unique solution for maintaining healthy, clear and clean pond and dam water.


How does Aquatic Barley Straw Extract work?

The high carbon-to-nitrogen ration of barley straw means that when it breaks down it uses available nitrogen and phosphorus in the water. this reduces conditions favourable to algae growth10. Barley straw has been successfully used in Central Queensland to control algae in sewage tertiary ponds9. Woolgoolga Water Reclamation park in Coffs harbour NSW has accepted the placement of barley straw mesh bags as a beneficial method of containing algal growth in waterways and catchments tanks9. Barley Straw is recommended by the Western Australia Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development for the management of blue-green algae on farms10,11. In Victoria, Barley Straw is listed as a treatment option for blue-green algae in farm dams and farm storages by Agriculture Victoria12. The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), Department for Environment and Water, and Primary Industries and Regions Sough Australia SA use barley straw as a management strategy for blue green algae13.


Is it safe?

Safe for pets, fish and livestock, this concentrated liquid extract also won’t harm your aquatic plants or plants which are irrigated with the same water.


Whole Barley Straw Bales VS Barley Straw Extract

So, what’s the difference between the two? Simply put – it’s a different process when using whole Aquatic Barley Straw Bales. Whole Barley Straw Bales are manually placed and loosely bundled in water, while Aquatic Barley Straw Extract is poured into the water as a liquid. As Aquatic Barley Straw Bales can take up to 4-8 weeks to begin the decomposition process, Aquatic Barley Straw Extract may be used for the first 8 weeks along with the straw bales. Use of both physical straw and liquid barley straw extract has shown to inhibit the growth of algae. Research has shown that straw inhibits the growth by 20-40% on average with greatest inhibition (approx. 70%) occurring in straw allowed to rot for six months20. Liquid extraction concentration as low as 0.005% have shown inhibition of algae by 90%21.


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How To Use

How to Use This Aquatic Barley Straw Extract is perfect to use immediately after a refill of ponds, lakes, dams and more. Directions: Determine the volume of water to be treated, gently shake the container to mix well, measure the required amount of product and pour directly into the water body to be treated. Aquatic_Barley_Straw_Extract_Application_Rates_Table



  • Green Water
  • Slimy or Dirty looking Water



What is the difference between Barley Straw Bales and Barley Straw Extract?

Barley Straw Bales are in their natural state, where as Barley Straw Extract is the concentrated liquid version of the bales. When Barley Straw is activated in water, it begins the process of decomposition. This releases what we call “phenolic compounds’ – these have a natural composition that’s similar to hydrogen peroxide.

Is it safe for fish?

Yes, it will not harm fish or aquatic plants.

What happens if I accidentally put in too much Barley Straw Extract?

Our Barely Straw Extract is a natural product so don’t stress if you accidentally put in a little extra. We do recommend that you follow our instructions as these dilution rates have been tried and tested and we know they work. Why use extra product if you don’t have to!

Is Barley Straw Extract safe to use?

Our Barley Straw is 100% Australian grown and made it is completely safe to use.


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