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Aquatic Technologies are the exclusive Aussie distributors of Aqua Control products. This US-based brand features a catalogue of water features, fountains and superb pond accessories made for next-level aesthetics and long-lasting water quality.

Here at Aquatic Technologies, you’ll find a wide range of Aqua Control decorative water fountains, submerged aeration systems and surface mixers. Suiting all types and sizes of ponds, dams, lakes and more - you can explore the range today and find the right fit for you.

Why use aeration systems?

To put it simply, aerating your water increases oxygen levels. This is beneficial for water quality and the fish and plants that live in it.

A quality aerator at the bottom of your lake, pond or dam can do wonders. Mixing and blending the water, these products avoid what we call ‘thermal stratification’. This is when cool water and warm water separate (which hold different saturations of oxygen) - this is called a Thermocline.

Did you know?

Thermoclines are submerged ‘layers’ of water that you can actually feel. If you’ve ever swum in a thermocline, you may have noticed the water around your feet being noticeably colder than the surface.

Aerators disperse larger amounts of oxygen throughout your water. As the aerator pushes oxygenated bubbles from the bottom to the surface, this mixes the water column and oxygenates every layer of the water. This, in turn, avoids the bottom of the water becoming deoxygenated, which can cause fish deaths, bad smells and other problems.

As the aerator works its magic, it causes toxic gases trapped under an existing thermocline to escape. This prevents the buildup of harmful materials and algae-promoting organic matter to build up at the bottom. Aeration of the bottom creates a more balanced and oxygen-rich environment, where microbes can naturally break down and not become stagnant and toxic.

Lake bed aeration systems are the most efficient and cost-effective way to aerate bodies of water. Here at Aquatic Technologies, our lake bed aeration systems provide a complete and ready-to-install solution for waterways with low oxygen levels, sludge build-up and temperature variances.

Medium Size Aeration Fountain - Daffodil

Half HP Fountain - Tornado

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