100% Natural - Barley Straw Range

  • Natural
  • Australian grown, made and owned
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Simple and Easy to apply

The natural fix for clear clean water in Ponds, Fish Ponds and Dams

Recurrent green or slimy water?

Our Barley Straw Range is a simple solution to clean clear water

Barley Straw Extract - For the quickest acting natural green or slimy water protection.
Barley Straw Extract is a liquid concentrate of Barley Straw Bales and begins working as soon as it's applied.

Barley Straw Bales - The set and forget solution.
Barley Straw Bales give the longest lasting protection, providing up to 6 months protection.

What is Barley Straw Extract?

Aquatic Barley Straw Extract is a super-concentrated liquid made from whole barley straw that works quickly. With an incredibly easy method of delivery and high concentration, Aquatic Barley Straw Extract keeps water clear in a way that’s eco-friendly and safe to use.

Historically the use of barley for algae control has been around since before the industrial era. Back in the day, whole bales of barley were used for algae control – a common practice that lead to the innovation of Barley Straw Extract. 

Aquatic Barley Straw Extract is 100% Australian made and is suited to Australian conditions and bodies of water. This Aquatic Barley Straw Extract is the perfect unique solution for keeping your water clear.

How Does Barley Straw Extract Work?

Barley Straw Extract It is best applied after a clean and/or re-fill, before green water appears or when there is a small amount of green water present.

Barley Straw Extract is perfect for outdoor ponds and small dams. It works best when applied BEFORE green water appears. Simply add it to your routine and forget!

Aquatic Barley Straw Bales

The longest lasting water clearer of our Barley Straw range, Barley Straw Bales providing up to six months of water clarity. Easy to use and practical in application, Aquatic Barley Straw Bales are packed in their own netting to keep it neat and tidy, with a float to ensure it floats close to the water’s surface, where it works best and a draw string to secure it in place.

How Does Barley Straw Bales Work?

When Barley Straw Bales are placed in water, it begins a natural decomposition process. When it decomposes it releases phenolic compounds that act similarly to hydrogen peroxide. This process is what makes Barley Straw so unique – keeping your water clear over a period of time, using nothing but its natural reaction in water.

Barley Straw Bales are a simple solution to minimizing slimy water, and they last a long time! Barley Straw Bales work best when placed in fish ponds, ponds or dams BEFORE the water turns green.

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