Aquatic Spraying Services

Expert Aquatic Spraying Services

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Expert Aquatic Spraying Services

We specialise in offering tailored solutions for cleaner waterways. We achieve healthy bodies of water by identifying exactly what type of herbicides are needed for each individual scenario. Our spraying services are led by our team of experts and use the power of proven herbicides and products for the most effective results.

Aquatic Technologies is ready to tackle any waterway problem you’re facing, in any environment. Whether it’s a lagoon, dam, river, swamp or anything in between, our spraying services tackle the root of the problem, restoring your water like never before and offering long-term solutions to keeping your waterways healthy.

Applications and Sprays

Algae control and algaecide - Coptrol:

Suitable for use in potable water, wastewater and irrigation water lagoons, including lakes and dams.

Aquatic weed control herbicides:

Specialised aquatic-based herbicides targeted to specific vegetation.

Water treatments for pH correction:

Phosphorus reduction treatments and the application of flocculants.

Applications and Sprays

Chemical Control:

Fast treatment of aquatic plants and weeds. Herbicides can be sprayed directly onto aquatic vegetation or can be added directly to the water.

We use specific craft and vehicles for all types of aquatic environments including three sizes of spray boats, two amphibious craft and one all-terrain vehicle.

We can assist in determining the most suitable treatment for your aquatic environment, tackle aquatic vegetation issues and restore your water quality to its optimum state.

Aquatic Technologies provides Aquatic Spraying services. We look forward to providing you with a tailored solution for your needs. Call us today on 03 9071 2442 to talk to our expert team.

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