Water Bac 250g

Aquatic Technologies Waterbac uses the digestive power of beneficial microbes to eliminate excess nutrients and organic matter that lead to the formation of algae and bad odours.

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Use Aquatic Technologies Waterbac to reduce odours, phosphorus, nitrogen, nitrates, ammonia, decomposing organic matter and other contaminants such as manures and fertiliser run-off to restore the natural balance to water bodies including live stock drinking troughs, ponds, dams and lakes.

How to use: Half fill a bucket with room temperature water and add 10g sachets (max 50 per bucket) and gently mix for 15 minutes and disperse the mix over the waters surface. Application Rate: For shallow ponds (less than 1m) Apply at a rate of 40g per 1,000L of water to be treated. For larger deeper bodies of water apply at a rate of 10g per square meter of water surface area to be treated.

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Emergent Roots are anchored in the substrate with stems, leaves or flowers projecting above the water’s surface.
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Floating Attached Roots are attached to substrate. Stems, leaves or flowers may/may not be above water’s surface.
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Algae No distinguishable roots, stems or leaves.
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Free Floating Roots are not attached to substrate and float on the water’s surface.
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Submerged Growing below the water’s surface whether attached to substrate or not.
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