Half HP Aeration Fountain -
Arum (15m Power Cord)

The Aqua Control Evolution Series II Half HP range provides more than just a visual display, it is a high output aerating system. 

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It’s easy for biological factors to become unbalanced, causing oxygen levels to drop, making it necesssary for mechanical intervention with 
an aeration unit. Insufficient aeration and low oxygen levels can cause death in fish, unpleasant odours, algae presence and effect water clarity. 

The benefits of installing the Half HP Aeration Fountain means high flow rates relative to horsepower increase the efficiency as opposed to other centrifugal pumping fountains. 

The Aqua Control Evolution Series II 1/2 HP Aeration Fountain is ideal for aerating water bodies up to 1/2 an acre (2,050m2).

The Kit Includes 
• Simple plug-in operation 
• 240 volt, 15 amp single-phase floating fountain motor with suction screen 
• Fountain Float 
• Standard motor cord lengths 15m, 30m & 55m, or as ordered 
• 2 mooring stakes 
• 30m mooring rope 
• Tornado nozzle with 1.5m high x 3.7m wide spray pattern 

Optional LED Fountain Light Kit 
• Four high-power LED lights (equivalent to 165 watts) 
• Comes standard with cool white lamps 
• Optional lamp colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow & Warm White 

image of Half HP Aeration Fountain - Arum (15m Power Cord)
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