Dam Stop Leak 1kg-Treats 12.5m2

Dam Stop Leak, the quick and effective Dam sealing solution. Dam Stop Leak provides a quick, safe and easy to apply method of stopping leaks in irrigation and stock watering dams.

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Dam Stop Leak stops leaks in dams without the need to empty the dam of water or use large excavation equipment. It can be applied to full or partially full dams.

Dam Stop Leak is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Dam Stop Leak has no additives to create a flocculent effect like other brands. The new formula Polymer has its own flocculent ability offering superior coverage. Dam Stop Leak is a granulate polymer which is 99% insoluble. This unique blend of polymers, when applied to the surface of the dam, sink and are sucked into the dam cracks through hydraulic forces to plug any leaks. The leaks are plugged by the expansion of the polymers to create a long lasting seal that becomes part of the dam's structure.

When using Dam Stop Leak you can spread it directly over the surface of a known leak saving time and money. If the location of the leak is not known, simply spread Dam Stop Leak over the whole dam water surface.

Dam Stop Leak is non-labour intensive, cost effective to apply and begins to work immediately.

1 kg of Dam Stop Leak treats a 12.5 m2 surfaced dam.

Application Method:
To apply Dam Stop Leak simply spread the polymers over the water's surface by hand or with an appropriate powder applicator. Either use a targeted application or treat the whole dam water surface area.

Application Rate: 
Apply Dam Stop Leak at a rate of 80g per square metre of water surface area.

For best results: 
Apply Dam Stop Leak when the water temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius. Make sure the area is free of excessive aquatic vegetation or algae and where wind conditions during application are light.

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