Aquatic Clear Drop-Flocculent Block 3.2kg

Aquatic CLEAR DROP FLOC BLOCK - Anionic polymer block for water treatment

Aquatic CLEAR DROP FLOC BLOCK’s are a convenient, easy to use product for water clarification in remote locations or anywhere running water is present.

Applications may include:

  • Roadside Culverts
  • Dam Water
  • Waste Water
  • Construction Sites
  • Industrial Applications
  • Mining

Aquatic CLEAR DROP FLOC BLOCK’s can be used in most applications without harm to the environment.

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  • Fast acting
  • Safe for fish
  • Great for storm situations
  • Will not affect water salinity
  • Will not affect water pH
  • Low application Cost
  • Good aquatic toxicity

Aquatic Clear Drop Floc Blocks can be used wherever water clarification is required. The blocks consist of fine flocculent powder granules dispersed in a solid, water soluble, non-toxic polymer. Water flow passes around the block, dispersing the flocculent gradually, resulting in sediment settling and leaving water clear.

Aquatic Clear Drop Floc Blocks have been used for the clarification of water on construction sites, residential storm water drains and pondages, mining dams and farming stock and irrigation water bodies.

Aquatic Clear Drop Floc Blocks are ideal for use in remote situations such as storm water drains, irrigation dams or wherever normally difficult to apply flocculent doses.

Application Instructions

Each Aquatic Clear Drop Floc Block treats approximately 300,000 litres of water. We recommend you place the block close to the entry point of the running water source. The flow of water should disperse enough of the polymer gradually over time throughout your water body. If conatining the block at the entry point is difficult, we recommend ordering one of our mesh bags to house the block which can then be tethered to a suitable position.

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