Aquatain 20L

Aquatain liquid anti evaporation film and water surface polish. Aquatain is a unique silicone based liquid which spreads across the waters surface, forming a thin film which polishes the waters surface, resulting in a mirror like finish, while reducing evaporation.

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Aquatain has been certified by NSF International for application to drinking water storages, domestic and commercial swimming pools, irrigation storages, dams and ponds.

NSF - Approved

Application Method:
Aquatain can be simply applied by pouring it directly from the drum onto the waters surface.

Application Rates:
To polish the waters surface apply 100mil per 100 square metres of water surface area and reapply as required. To assist in the reduction of evaporation, regardless of the waters depth, apply an initial application of 80mil per 100 square metres of water surface area, followed by 30mils per 100 square metres of water surface area, weekly to fortnightly during the summer months.

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