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Can Algae Kill Fish?

Can algae kill fish?

By Aquatic Technologies | Apr 9, 2020

While some species of algae contain harmful toxins, the most common reason for the death of fish isn’t caused by the algae itself, it is as a result of decreased oxygen levels within the water column. Algae, like all plants, photosynthesise during daylight hours and produce oxygen as a by-product. You may be wondering how […]

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Algae Be Gone!

By Aquatic Technologies | Mar 31, 2020

Barley Straw has been prolific in algae control for decades and can betraced all the way back to the pre-industrial era in Europe, when farming andagriculture prevailed. Barley Straw Bales:  Slow releasing but long lasting How does Barley Straw work? When barley straw bales are placed in water, they begin to decompose. This process of […]

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Dam Stop Leak Professional

By Aquatic Technologies | Mar 17, 2020

Leaking Dam? We’ve got your back. Rain is a welcome sight after a dry summer – especially to those who live off the land. Farmers rejoice as they watch their dams fill, bursting to the rim. This is soon followed by despair as that newly sourced water begins disappearing. Leaks most commonly occur during dry […]

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