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Q & A. What causes muddy & smelly water

Q. The dams on my farm are very muddy & smelly. Would like to have the water crystal clear and put fish in. by Aquatic Technologies A: Yuck. Muddy and smelly water is very unappealing. So what causes water to become like this? Making Foul Smelling Mud Foul smelling mud is a natural by-product of the […]

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Q & A – How to look after a dam

Q We just moved to a new house with a dam and we don’t know how to look after it. Help! A. Congratulations on moving to a new house! Your new property comes with a dam and you have never had experience with one before. Let us help you get started. Because you likely […]

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Q&A – How to get rid of algae in fish pond

Q. I want to get rid of algae that grows in our fish pond. A. That is quite an advanced algal bloom which will need something strong to correct it. I suggest treating with Coptrol Aquatic Algaecide. When fish are present, Coptrol is applied slightly differently […]

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Q & A – Clearing a muddy dam

Q. Interested in turning a muddy dam into clear or blue water. A: We have options galore! For clear water we suggest using a flocculant, add an aeration unit or use the power of beneficial bacteria. For blue water we suggest a pond dye. […]

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How to treat Salvinia

Salvinia molesta is classified as a Weed of National Significance (WONs). It is a floating water weed with oval-shaped leaves that have many waxy hairs on the top of the leaf. It forms dense mats that take over waterways and reduces water quality. These thick vegetation mats can shade out any submerged plant life, impede oxygen exchange and light availability in

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9 Reasons why a Dam Dries Up

9 Reasons Why a Dam Dries Up by Aquatic Technologies Those that live on the land are not unfamiliar with periods of drought. In these times it is imperative to sustain as much water as possible. Below are some tips on how to maintain your dam and keep water in it. Tips to keeping water […]

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AMF film eradicates mosquitoes

How to prevent mosquitoes breeding in your yard

Do you have a mosquito problem? Here are some tips to reduce mosquitos in your yard: Mosquitoes will hang around areas with good breeding sites. So instead of looking at ways to kill the adults, look at ways to prevent them […]

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Not All Bacteria Is Bad

What are beneficial bacteria? Aerobic Bacteria found in aquatic environments that break down organic waste (fish excrements, decaying plant matter and other organic substances). This organic waste is converted into ammonia, that ammonia is then converted into nitrite and other bacteria break down the nitrite into nitrate. Ammonia can be harmful to fish and other […]

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Algae: Winter Prevention for Summer Gains

It can be hard to treat a problem that you can’t see. Most commonly aquatic problems are treated symptomatically, leaving the root cause untouched to cause havoc again. Prevention is all about reducing the risks and costs later down the line. Notice how in summer you’re usually much more active than you are during the […]

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