Ultra Sonic -
360 Solar

Applicable for use on natural or recreational lakes, reservoirs for drinking water and large irrigation dams, these units provide state-of-the-art treatment against algae and cyanobacteria.

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The 360 MPC-Solar Unit comes with 3x 200WP solar panels that provide power to the three transmitters.

This unit ensures a complete coverage of 360 degrees with a 500m diameter range.

Ultrasonic programs can be changed, based on the algae type. The 360 MPC-Solar Unit also comes with an automatic antifouling wiper, ensuring optimal efficiency at all times.

With 3x 200WP solar cells and a monitor range of 500m, these units are perfect for larger bodies of water. Three transmitters assure a complete sound coverage of 360 degrees.

image of Ultra Sonic - 360 Solar
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Emergent Roots are anchored in the substrate with stems, leaves or flowers projecting above the water’s surface.
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Floating Attached Roots are attached to substrate. Stems, leaves or flowers may/may not be above water’s surface.
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Algae No distinguishable roots, stems or leaves.
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Free Floating Roots are not attached to substrate and float on the water’s surface.
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Submerged Growing below the water’s surface whether attached to substrate or not.
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